Monthly Escrow Plan

What is it?
The Monthly Escrow Plan was designed to pre-pay taxes for the next tax collection (February or July). 

Allows the taxpayer to manage annual expenses by dividing real estate taxes into a more manageable monthly payment.

How Does It Work?
Coupons will be issued to you for a monthly payment once your contract is approved.  The Treasurer will suggest an estimated monthly payment amount but you may pay any amount at any time. 

Who Is Eligible?
Any property owner whose prior year taxes are paid in full.

Is there a fee?
This program is offered to taxpayers free of charge.

1st half taxes due February 10th      
2nd half taxes due July 10th
Taxes must be paid current by each due date or the contract will be discontinued. 

How To Sign Up
Download Monthly Escrow Plan Agreement, sign and return to the Office of the Treasurer. 

Automatic Deductions
If you wish this office to automatically deduct monthly amounts from your checking or savings account for your escrow payment plan, please complete page two of the agreement in addition to the escrow agreement found on page one.

Monthly Escrow Plan Agreement

Contact our office by phone or email.