Welcome to the Online Office of the Treasurer

The Treasurer is the tax collector, banker, and investment officer for Delaware County.  The Treasurer’s main responsibility is the collection of real estate, personal property, estate, and manufactured home taxes.  In addition, the Treasurer receives all funds collected by county offices and departments and prepares a daily statement detailing this activity to the Auditor.

As the county’s Chief Investment Officer, the Treasurer invests undisbursed funds for variable periods of times to earn interest for the county’s general fund.  County investment policy is set by the Delaware County Investment Advisory Committee which consists of the Treasurer and two members of the Board of Commissioners.  The Treasurer must be a leader in the area of fiscal management and accountability.  The position demands an extensive background in public finance.

The Ohio Revised Code requires the Treasurer’s participation on a variety of county boards including the Data Processing Board, Board of Revision and Budget Commission.

Jon Peterson, Treasurer

Important Dates

   2/12/2018   First Half Taxes Due
   7/10/2018   Second Half Taxes Due