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Standard Notes for Sanitary Plans Revised: 7-2-2015
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Information for PTI Applications
All easement text provided below is acceptable to the Sanitary Engineer's office. Other entities may have additional requirements. Contact the Sanitary Engineer's office if any edits to the easement text are proposed.
Sanitary Easement Deed - Individual Easement (Updated 2-18-2015)
Sanitary Easement Deed for Lot Splits - Combined Highway and Drainage
Temporary Sanitary Construction and Access Easement (Updated 9-29-2015)
Easement Notes for Plats Administered by DCRPC (Updated 5-21-2015)
Easement Notes for Plats Administered by DCRPC (Updated 5-21-2015)
Contact our office for acceptable notes to be placed on plats within incorporated areas (i.e. City of Powell, Village of Sunbury, etc.)
Starting Construction (Following Approval of Sanitary Plans)
As-Built Checklist
As-Built Template
Commercial Tap Fee Form


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