Fees and Charges

In order for us to return your documents, include a postage paid return envelope or enough money to cover the cost of postage and an envelope. Please make sure that you have enough postage and that your return envelope is large enough to hold the documents.

For the services hereinafter specified the County Recorder shall charge and collect the fees provided to be paid upon the presentation of the respective instruments for record or upon the application for any certified copy of the record as follows:


*ATTENTION* Effective July 1, 2005, Delaware County will not accept any conveyance by mail.


The fees provided in this section shall be paid upon the presentation of the instruments for record, or upon the application for any certified copy of the record excepting fees and expenses incurred in the filing of United States tax liens, discharges, and releases, the payment for which shall be governed by section 317.09 of the Revised Code.
Under Sec. 317.32 the County Recorder shall charge and collect the following fees:


Basic Instrument Recording Fee:

(8.5 X 14 or smaller size)

·deeds, mortgages, leases, powers of attorney, articles of incorporation, amendments, name changes of foreign corporations, mergers, releases, assignments




$28.00 first 2 pages
$8.00 each additional

Marginal References

·releases, amendments, assignments, re-recordings, etc.

$4.00 each

Federal Tax Liens:

·original, correction, re-file, partial release, subordination


·federal tax lien withdraw with error





Maps, Plats, and Prints:

·Recording or re-recording map, plat, or print

·Certifying a copy of a map, plat, or print from the record

$0.10 per square inch/ $40.00 minimum

UCC Filings:

·amendments, fixture filings, continuation statements, correction statements, fixture filings, assignments, partial releases, terminations, manufactured home liens (if related to real property), transfer statements, public finance statements (if related to real property), "As Extracted" mineral liens, security agreements

UCC Search

·Copies Relating to UCC Searches




$12.00 plus $4.00 per each name indexed





$20.00 for search (no fee for findings)

$2.00 per page


·Attested Accounts – Liens on Public Funds

oRelease of Attested Account


·Bill of Sale (Bulk Sales)


·Bureau of Employment Services Release


·Bureau of Workers Compensation Release

oSeparate Releases

oPartial Releases



·Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care

oDocuments with one or two pages

oDocuments with three pages

oDocuments with four or more pages


·Motor Vehicle Bond Lien


·Personal Property Tax Lien Release


·Veteran's Discharge


·Veteran's Discharge Expunged


·Zoning Resolutions and Amendments




$28.00 first two pages

$8.00 each additional page






$28.00 first two pages

$8.00 each additional page






$40.00 maximum











$50.00 flat fee

$20.00 flat fee



·original, amendments, cancellations


$28.00 first 2 pages

$8.00 each additional

Faxes and Copies:

·FAX copies






·Certified Copies


$2.00/page local
$4.00/page long distance

$2.00 per page


$2.00 per page + $2.00 for certification

Our Office

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday
(excluding holidays)
Recordings from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Filing cutoff is 4:15 PM
Exam Room from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

140 N. Sandusky St.
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