1. 24-Hour, 7 days a week crisis response, not only for clients who are survivors of crime, but for Delaware County Law Enforcement personnel who may need assistance with a survivor of crime, either by phone support, on the scene or for hospital response.

  2. Information about the criminal justice system.

  3. Assistance with: Victim Impact Statements, Victims of Crime Compensation Forms, Civil Protection Orders and Anti-Stalking Protection Orders.

  4. Notifying clients of hearing dates and the status of the cases in which they are involved.

  5. Accompanying clients to court proceedings and providing support and education throughout the criminal justice process.

  6. Referrals to appropriate community resources.

  7. Transportation to and from court, when necessary.

  8. Liaison between victim/survivors of crime and the Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney's Office.

  9. Screen and assist with Anti-Stalking Civil Protection Orders and Civil Protection Orders.

  10. Referral to The Legal Aid Society when appropriate.

  11. Emergency 911 phones for Protection Order clients and clients of serious crimes as determined.


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