Below is Delaware County’s 2017 Wellness Program.  We are very happy to be partnering with Staywell again this year to accomplish our Wellness Goals.  Mailers were distributed directly to home addresses late last year however, below please find the information as a reminder.   
As you will see below, the 2017 program is similarly structured to the 2016 program.  Employees are required to obtain a specific number of points to achieve the reward.  Regular and routine services such as an annual exam, flu shot and blood work, etc. will earn points towards your reward.   The required number of points is 300 and the reward amount is $150 paid as a stipend on the first pay in December, 2016.   
Reminder: Spouses under the Delaware County/Cebco plan are eligible to participate as well.   Together, you have the ability to earn $300 this year!  
The program is available as an on line portal and is independently tracked by you!   This portal is accessible on your phone or home computer at your convenience.   You can see your progress as you complete and log activities throughout the year.
The deadline for completion of all goals is September 29, 2017
Please take the time to  invest in your health and log onto the Staywell site and get enrolled.  There’s no better investment than your health and well-being!



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