Pleasant Hill Cemetery is located at 1601 Kelly McMaster Road, Delaware, Ohio 43015.

Troy Chapel Cemetery is located next to the Troy Township Hall at 4293 U.S. Route 23 North, Delaware, Ohio 43015.

Marlborough Cemetery is located at 5270 Horseshoe Road, Delaware, Ohio 43015.

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Troy Township, Delaware County

Cemetery Fees


Open/Close Weekdays                                                            $500

Open/Close Weekends/Holidays                                            $700

Cremation Weekdays                                                              $200

Cremation Weekends/Holidays                                              $300   

Double Urn Cremation Weekdays                                          $300

Double Urn Cremation Weekdays/Holidays                          $400

The charge for footers will be .90 cents per square inch, with a minimum charge of $350.00.

Lots in Marlborough Cemetery will be sold to township residents at a rate of $250 per grave and for non-residents at a rate of $800 per grave.

The cost for exhuming a grave will be $1,000 for an adult, child or infant and $100 for a cremation.


If you have any questions, please contact Dennis Kaelber, Cemetery Sexton, 740-362-3828.

**Note:  Rates are subject to change by Troy Township Trustees.  Please confirm above rates with Cemetery Sexton.


No new planting of trees, shrubs, or roses, etc.
All artificial plants, flowers, and decorations to be removed by April 25.
All flowers, live or artificial, plantings and decorations to be within 8” of the monument, including potted plants.
Live flowers and plants must be maintained (weeded, etc.).
All foundations must be installed by the Trustees or their agent.
Violations of these regulations are subject to removal with no compensation.
Neither the Trustees nor the cemetery is responsible for theft or damage to items placed at grave sites.
Cemetery hours are dawn to dusk