General Fund Budget

Bond Rating: Second highest possible

Major Sources of Revenue (2011)
Sales Tax: $41,073,017
Property Tax: $10,130,235
Total property tax collected in county $368,916,465
Conveyance Fees: $2,963,619
Other Fees: $7,673,437


  • Third Healthiest County in Ohio after 3 years in a row as healthiest; #1 in health factors and health behaviors; 38th Healthiest County in the U.S. for children
    (source: Delaware General Health District);
  • #1 county in growth for senior citizens
    (source: Council for Older Adults)
  • Ranked in top 10 in the country for demographic of 25-38 year-old making over $125,000 per year
    (source: Columbus 2020)
  • 91,751 workers live in county, but 76% of them work outside the county
    (source: Columbus2020 Economist Jung Kim)


"Population forecasts by state researchers show that Delaware will be the state’s fastest growing county.  Between 1990 and 2030, Delaware County will continue to grow at a triple digit pace..." Business First, April 27, 2012







Demographics Report