First and foremost we check bags, deliveries, hand-carried items and people to ensure the safety of the court, court employees and visitors.

The second point is how we conduct these checks. By following a few simple rules and tips, you can quickly get through the entry points.

♦ Have everything out of your pockets. Many items contain metal that we don’t always think about. Cigarettes, medications in blister packs, chewing gum wrapped in foil, underwire bras, etc. All of these can trigger the metal detector.

♦ During the colder weather if you have a large number of items in your coat pockets, simply run your coat through the x-ray machine.

♦ Advise security personnel if you have any type of court ordered monitoring equipment on your person or in your personal effects.

♦ We are seeing belts, suspenders, shoes and bib overalls containing lots of metal. If you choose to wear these, expect them to set off the alarm and require a wand check.

♦ If you still can’t make it through, you will have to be checked individually. Follow the instructions of the security personnel. During this check you will be asked to produce items from your pockets to show what is there. Try and remember these procedures are for your protection and cooperate with them.