What is a Coroner’s Case?

  • Accidental Deaths
  • Homicidal Deaths
  • Suicidal Deaths
  • Sudden Death when in apparent good health.
  • Sudden, unexpected death of an infant 24 months or younger.
  • Natural Death when a physician declines to sign the Death Certificate.
  • Custodial Death whether in jail, confinement, any kind of judicial custody, or while being pursued, apprehended, or during the process of being taken into custody.
  • Therapeutic Deaths
  • Any death that is suspicious or unusual.
  • Death of any MRDD client.
  • Delayed Deaths - The immediate cause of death is from natural disease, but an injury or accident may have occurred days, weeks, months, or even years before which set in motion the sequence of medical conditions that led up to the death.


David E. Rumbalski, M.D. Biography -

Medical school: University of Cincinnati, 1996
Residency: University of Cincinnati
Specialty: Family Medicine
Bio: Ohio Health physician for 13 years.
Dr. Rumbalski came onboard as a Deputy Coroner in June of 2011.

Duties of the Coroner’s Office include:

  • Be available to respond as required 24 hours a day, everyday.
  • Determine the cause and manner of death.
  • To complete a thorough investigation of the death.
  • To positively identify the decedent.
  • To accurately document the death scene.
  • To complete interviews pertaining to the death.
  • To order transport and have the decedent removed from the scene in a dignified manner.
  • To make sure that Next of Kin is notified.
  • To determine whether an autopsy should be performed and make arraignments for the autopsy.
  • To provide the residents of Delaware County with the highest quality of death investigations in a timely manner.

Andrew S. MacDowell, M.D. Biography -

Dr. MacDowell has been serving the citizens of Delaware County in the capacity of Deputy Coroner since 2005.

Dr. MacDowell graduated medical school in 1998, and completed Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency in 2002.  Dr. MacDowell is a member of the American Medical Association.