*********Telephone Scam Regarding Jury Duty*********


The Office of Jury Commissioners has been receiving telephone calls from residents of Delaware County.  These individuals are being contacted by a man impersonating a police officer and accusing them of missing jury duty from the Delaware County Common Pleas Court.
The scammer advises the victim since they failed to appear for jury duty, that a bench warrant has been issued and they have to pay anywhere from $500 to $2700 in fines, license suspension, etc.

Legitimate companies or agencies DO NOT CALL & DO NOT ASK FOR MONEY or email asking for personal information, such as account, credit card or social security numbers. Never give out personal information unless you initiated the contact.  Delaware County residents who are actually summoned for jury service will receive a packet of information in the mail well in advance of their report dates.

Anyone who receives a telephone call like this or has any information is encouraged to contact the Tip Line at
(740) 833-2558 or (740) 833-2531.

Jury service is one of the most important duties of citizenship which allows you to participate directly in the administration of justice. In the United States, our justice system is based on the belief that a just and fair result in court comes from having disputes settled by our fellow citizens. When you are called to be a juror, you become a very important person in our legal system.


New Video Preps Potential Jurors

For Ohioans called to jury duty who may have questions about their role in the courtroom, an informative new video is now available.