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Genoa Township Safe Routes to Schools Project (DEL-Genoa SRTS Infrastructure)


Project Background:

The national Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Program is a federally funded program that encourages walking and biking to school as a way to improve the health of students by increasing physical activity and decreasing some of the side effects of vehicular transportation of students to school such as increased traffic and emissions.


In 2010 and 2011, Genoa Township worked with Olentangy Local Schools, Westerville City Schools, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and Delaware County Engineer to develop a School Travel Plan for the elementary and middle schools in Genoa Township in order to evaluate ways to encourage walking and biking to school.  The plan identifies current issues that make walking or biking to school difficult and recommends a number of infrastructure improvements that would make walking or biking to school easier and safer.  The plan was developed with input from parents, school administrators, engineers and other interested persons in the community.


Several of the improvements that were identified by the plan were bundled together into one project and a grant request was filed with ODOT in March 2012 for Safe Routes to School program funding.  The project received funding approval in May 2012.


Project Description:

The project includes the following components:


Walnut Creek Elementary (located at the intersection of Grand Oak Boulevard and Big Walnut Road):

   1. Construction of a crosswalk across Big Walnut Road at Grand Oak/Wilshire Boulevard with a pedestrian signal

   2. Construction of a crosswalk at the Walnut Creek Elementary School entrance on Grand Oak Boulevard

   3. Installation of 20 mph school zone speed limit signs with flashing beacons


Fouse Elementary (located at the intersection of South Old 3C Highway and Freeman Road):

   1. Installation of additional bike racks


Alcott Elementary (located at the intersection of Tussic Street and Mt. Royal Avenue):

   1. Installation of additional bike racks


Alcott Elementary Fouse Elementary

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Walnut Creek Elementary

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Project Schedule:

Engineering:  Summer 2012 to Spring 2013

Construction:  Summer 2013


Estimated Project Cost:

The current project budget is $239,000 including engineering and construction.  The project is funded entirely by the SRTS Program.

Questions or Comments?

The Delaware County Engineer would like to hear your opinions about the project.  Please contact Robert Riley, Chief Deputy Engineer at 740-833-2400 or send your questions or comments to


Olentangy Local Schools - Lewis Center, OH


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