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Delaware County Engineer 


Photos of projects completed over a year ago

Stover Road over Dun's Run Bridge Replacement (2008)

Wilson Road over Little Walnut Creek Bridge Replacement (2008)

Patrick Road over Culver Creek Bridge Replacement (2008)

Lane Road over South Fork of Culver Creek Creek Bridge Replacement (2008)

Harlem Road Bridge Replacement (2008)

North Old State Road over Leatherwood Run Bridge Replacement (2008)

Home Road over North Branch of Eversole Run (2008)

Miller-Paul Road Bridge Replacement (2007)

Larcomb Road over Dun's Run Bridge Replacement (2007)

Green Meadows Drive Relocation (2007)

Centerburg Road Bridge Replacement (2007)

Sunbury Road and Yankee Street Intersection Improvements (2007)

Justamere Road over Culver Creek Bridge Replacement (2007)

Tussic Street Road Improvements (2006-07)

Section Line Reconstruction (2006)

Hyatts Road Bridge Replacement (2006)

2006 Road Improvement Program

Rosecrans Road Bridge Replacement (2006)

Cheshire Road Bridge over Little Walnut Creek )(2006)

Thomas Road Bridges (2006)

Sunbury Road Bridge over Hoover Reservoir (2006)

Hartford Road Bridge Replacement (2006)

Radnor Road Bridge Replacement (2006)

Troy Road Bridge Replacement (2006)

Cook Road Bridge over Eversole Run (2005)

Dent Road Bridges (TR-42-0.22 & TR-42-0.99) (2005)

Hoskins Road Bridge over the Scioto River (2005)

Stockwell Road Bridge over Big Walnut Creek (2005)


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