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  Permits Department 



All roads and bridges are designed for a certain size and weight vehicle.  Over 99% of vehicles on the road fall within the size and weight limits that roads and bridges are designed for.  But sometimes it is necessary for an oversize or overweight vehicle to travel on a public road, as in the case of a truck hauling an oversized building items or construction equipment that cannot practically be separated into smaller pieces.


In the case of an oversized or overweight vehicle, the trucks may be too heavy for some bridges or too wide or tall to pass through an underpass.  For this reason, state and local authorities are given authority to regulate the movement of these vehicles to ensure the safety of the traveling public.


Chapter 5577 of the Ohio Revised Code governs the size and weight limits for all vehicles on public streets and highways.  When it becomes necessary for these limits to be exceeded by a vehicle or conveyance, it must be done in accordance with established policies and procedures of the appropriate agency which maintains the particular road(s).  Each oversized or overweight truck is check to ensure that it will not exceed the structural capacity of the bridges it needs to cross, and to ensure that it will fit under bridges or other obstructions with low vertical clearances.


Permits for oversized or overweight vehicles traveling on local streets within municipal corporation limits are handled by the respective city.   Permits for state, federal and interstate highways are administered by the Ohio Department of Transportation.  Permits for all other public roads outside of city limits, including county and township streets and highways, are handled by the County Engineer.


What is the Ohio Legal Load Limit for my vehicle?

The legal load limit for a specific vehicle depends on the number and size of axles and tires that a vehicle has.  The overall maximum weight limit for any vehicle can never exceed 80,000 pounds.  For vehicles such as garbage trucks and delivery trucks, the legal load limit is usually much less than 80,000 pounds, because these vehicles have fewer axles and/or smaller tires.


Click here to go to the Ohio Department of Transportation Special Hauling Permits website for more information about Ohio laws on legal loads for vehicles on public highways and streets.


Listed below are documents that can be helpful in determining what the Ohio Legal Load is for a certain vehicle.


ODOT Summary of Axle Weight Rules


  ODOT Operational Guide for Vehicles Operating With an Oversize/Overweight Special Hauling Permits


  Maximum Legal Dimensions and Weights of Vehicles on Public Road (OS-8)


Permits for Oversized or Overweight Vehicles:


Round-Trip or Single Trip Permit:

This permit entitles a specific oversized or overweight vehicle to make one single-trip or round-trip in or through Delaware County on county or township roads.  The cost for this permit is as follows:

  • Basic permit is $10 and entitles the vehicle to ONE round-trip or round-trip movement

  • $25 additional charge for an overweight vehicle.

  • $25 additional charge for a vehicle that is over legal limits on height, width or length.

Annual Permit:

For vehicles over the Ohio legal limits for size or weight that frequently travel on county roads in Delaware County, owners or operators can purchase an "annual" permit.  This authorizes the movement of a vehicle, or commercial tractor-trailer combination on a yearly basis, with reduced cost "coupons" used for each trip.


A fee of $100 is charged for the annual permit.  The annual permit is good from January 1 to December 31 of the year purchased.  Coupons are required if total gross weight is greater than 80,000 lbs but less than 120,000 lbs, vehicle is over 12' wide, over 13' 6" high, or overweight by gross or axle weight.  Each coupon entitles the vehicle to ONE round-trip or single-trip.  Coupons can be purchased in books of 10 for $100.


  Delaware County Annual Hauling Permit Application

  Delaware County Trip Permit

 Delaware County Equipment List Form

  Delaware County Manual for Hauling Permits


"Freeze-Thaw" Posted Roads

Section 5577.07 of the Ohio Revised Code specifically authorizes the county to reduce the load limits on any county or township road in times of thawing and excessive moisture.  In Delaware County, this period is February 1 to June 1, and roads that are specifically identified as being susceptible to damage from heavy loads have weight limits reduced by 40% from the standard Ohio legal limit.


Owners or operators of vehicles that are between 60% and 100% of the Ohio legal load limit for that particular vehicle can purchase a "Posted Road permit".  For a fee of $150 per vehicle, the vehicle is entitled to travel on a posted road, with certain restrictions.  First, the vehicle may not cross a bridge with a posted weight restriction.  Second, the vehicle may not use posted roads as through roads to get to a destination on another road, if a route exists that does not use a posted road.  The intent of the posted road permit is to restrict travel on posted roads to only those vehicles over 60% of Ohio legal load that absolutely must travel to or from a destination on that particular road.


Click here for the list of posted roads - Effective February 1 to June 1

Click here for the posted roads application


Bridge Weight Limits

Bridge weight limits on township and county roads in Delaware County can be found here.


Permit Department Hours:

Monday through Friday: 8:00am - 4:30pm

For contact information, click here.


Payment Information:

We accept cash, check or credit cards for payment of permit fees.  Online credit card payments are processed through Point & Pay.  Please note that the service provider charges a convenience fee.



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