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  Design Department 


As established in section 5543.01 of the Ohio Revised Code, the County Engineer is responsible for the engineering of township road construction and improvement projects.  The County Engineer oversees and assists the townships with projects related to the construction, reconstruction or maintenance of township roads and streets.  The Design Department aids the County Engineer by engineering and administering some of the more common projects, such as:

  • Township pavement repair, resurfacing and marking (striping) projects

  • Culvert analysis, and engineering for replacement structures

  • Construction or reconstruction of ditches and drainage courses in township rights-of-way

  • Performing speed limit studies and submitting information to ODOT

  • Analysis of intersections

  • Traffic control signing and pavement marking recommendations

  • Sight distance studies

  • Guardrail warrants and studies

Serving as the transportation engineer for Delaware County's 19 townships is a major responsibility of the County Engineer.  With over 500 miles of township roads and thousands of culverts and sewers under township roads, there is a great deal of work that is accomplished through the cooperation of the townships and the County Engineer.


Township Request for Engineering Assistance

Due to the large number of requests for assistance that the County Engineer's Office receives from the townships, the County Engineer has established a procedure for submitting these requests.


All engineering requests must be submitted by resolution of the Township Board of Trustees on the "Request for Engineering Assistance" form provided by the County Engineer.  The form must be approved and signed by at least two of the three township trustees and must explain, in detail, the type of assistance required.


   Download the REA form (50 KB)


Annual Purchasing Contracts

Frequently used materials and services are open to use by Delaware County's Cooperative Purchasing Partners, which includes all 18 townships, Delaware County Preservation Parks and the Delaware Soil and Water Conservation District.  For more information please contact Doug Riedel (


Engineering for Major Township Road Improvement Projects

The County Engineer's Design Department staff performs engineering and project management for Township road improvement projects.  In many cases, the Engineer's staff prepares the construction documents "in-house" for a contractor to perform the work.  On major road construction projects, however, the Engineer usually must hire a consulting engineer to assist with the preparation of the plans, specifications and estimates for construction contracts due to the amount of time required for roadway projects.


Engineering services provided by consultants, while certainly worthwhile, can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and require a significant investment of time by in-house engineering staff to manage the consultant contract and coordinate work with the township.  For this reason, not every request to engineer a township project can be initiated immediately.


Townships seeking to undertake a major construction project, such as road widening, should nominate a representative from the township to contact the Delaware County Engineer and schedule a meeting to discuss the desired project scope.  The County Engineer can assist the Township in creating a preliminary scope of work and a budget for the desired project.  If a scope of work and project budget is agreed upon by the County Engineer and Board of Trustees, the County Engineer will enter the project into the Capital Improvements Program at the earliest possible date.  The Engineer will schedule the design to be performed by the Design Department staff or will solicit letters of interest for consulting firms to perform the work.


Due to the number of projects programmed in the County CIP plan, it may be several years before engineering, right-of-way acquisition and utility relocation can be completed on a particular project.  Townships should expect that from initial project commencement to completion of construction may take several years for major projects.



Funding Sources for Local Transportation Improvement Projects

There are several funding sources available for local transportation projects, other than using local revenue.  Two of the common sources for funding are as follows:


1. Ohio Public Works Commission Funds:

Click here for more information on OPWC projects.


2. County Surface Transportation Program (CSTP):

Funds are made available to counties and townships for roads that are defined as "Major Collectors" or "Arterials".  "Rural local roads" and "minor collectors" are not eligible for funding.  Please contact the County Engineer for more information on road classifications.


This program is targeted at improving roadway safety.  50% of funds must be spent on "safety related projects", as determined by CEAO.  This includes projects such as safety studies, installation of guardrail or raised pavement markers and other items which are specifically targeted to improve safety.


This program is a federal-aid program administered by the County Engineer's Association of Ohio (CEAO).  Projects must go through ODOT's Project Development Process as a Local Public Agency (LPA) project.  ODOT can assist the LPA in preliminary engineering, right-of-way acquisition, bidding and construction engineering, but all preliminary engineering and right-of-way costs must be paid by the local agency. Eligible project costs only include construction and construction engineering portions of the project, and can receive up to 80% federal funding.


Due to the complexity of federally-funded projects, it is advisable that only larger projects to which a significant amount of time and resources can be devoted should be considered for federal-aid.


CSTP projects are programmed 6 years in advance of funding availability to allow sufficient time to perform preliminary engineering and right-of-way acquisition.  Projects approved in 2006 are available for funding in state fiscal year 2012.



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