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  Design Department 


General Information

Each year, the Design Department assists the County Engineer in updating the plan for improvements to the capital assets under the County's jurisdiction, including roads, bridges, culverts, guardrail, storm sewers, traffic signals and traffic signs.  All of these items serve the general public by allowing the safe and efficient transportation of people and distribution of goods and services that increase everyone's quality of life.  Maintaining and improving these assets is vital to the welfare of the citizens of Delaware County.


Capital Improvement Plan

The Capital Improvement Plan includes all planned road construction projects with a total estimated cost over $25,000.  The most common projects that the County Engineer administers are road widening and construction, bridge rehabilitation or replacement, and traffic signal projects.


The County Engineer also performs many smaller projects such as culvert replacements, minor pavement repairs and maintenance and drainage improvements that are not included in the capital project plan.  Information about the pavement maintenance and resurfacing can be found on the Pavement Maintenance and Resurfacing page.


Thoroughfare Plan

Delaware County's Thoroughfare Plan is a comprehensive planning document that is extremely important for the future of the County's transportation network.  It establishes the long term goals related to growth and the impact of residential and commercial development on the county's transportation network.


The last Thoroughfare Plan was completed in 2001 and was developed for planning through 2020.  The update of the County Thoroughfare plan is a major undertaking because extensive coordination between the cities, townships and planning organizations in the area is required.  The 2001 Thoroughfare Plan was a joint venture between Delaware County, all 18 townships, the City of Delaware, the Delaware County Regional Planning Commission (DCRPC), the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)  and the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC).


   Countywide Thoroughfare Project Summary

   Delaware City Area Thoroughfare Project Summary

   Countywide Functional Classification of Roadways (Thoroughfare Plan)

   Delaware City Area Functional Classification of Roadways (Thoroughfare Plan)


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