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Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Sean Miller, Director
Severe Weather Awareness
We encourage the citizens of Delaware County to update and practice their Family Disaster Plan - or create one – to protect yourself and your family from severe weather (Floods, Severe Storms, and Tornados) that may affect Delaware County.

Flooding is Ohio’s primary natural disaster and does not just affect those who live in a designated flood plain. Twenty-five percent of all flood disasters occur in areas that have a low to moderate flood risk. With the spring rains and snow melting, many communities will experience some kind of flooding. Floods can be either a slow gradual increase of water or a quick flash flood. Flash floods usually occur in matter of minutes with little or no warning, are the result of a severe storm that produces a large amount of rainfall in a short time period, and is the leading cause of deaths from natural disasters. Most flood-related deaths occur when motorist attempt to cross a flooded road or a person attempts to cross a flooded area. Six inches of moving water can knock an adult off their feet and two feet of water can carry away most vehicles, including trucks.

Thunderstorms and their components (Lightning, Floods, Straight-line Winds, Hail, and Tornados) can occur anytime during the year and are extremely dangerous. Lightning occurs with all thunderstorms; is the cause of approximately 93 deaths and 300 injuries a year and costs a hundred million dollars in damage a year.

Since 1950, Delaware County has been hit by 5 tornados resulting in 4 fatalities. The most recent tornado to strike Delaware County occurred in Harlem Township on September 20, 2000. Tornados can occur at anytime day or night any time of the year; but are more prevalent from April through June between 3:00 pm and 9:00 pm. A Tornado Watch means that weather conditions are right for possible tornados. A Tornado Warning means that a tornado has been sighted or indicated on weather radar.

When severe weather threatens Delaware County: listen to radio, TV, and NOAA Weather Radio for information, implement and follow your Family Disaster Plan (if warranted), and listen to the directions of emergency personnel in the area.

For more information on severe weather safety or preparedness, visit the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness’ web site: or contact The Delaware County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management at 740-833-2180.

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