News Items 

1.  Appointment of a Successor Custodian under OH UTMA - The Court has created a specific link and webpage to assist with the procedure for obtaining the Court's designation of a successor Custodian for assets being held by a resigning, deceased, or incompetent Custodian under the Ohio Uniform Transfer to Minors Act.  The process is applicable only as a default to the other means for designation successors.  Local Forms are provided on the webpage in PDF fillable format.

25th Probate Bench/Bar Practical Probate Seminar - Scheduled for Wednesday, August 22, 2018 from 8:30 a.m.until Noon, at the Willis Building, Delaware, OH.  Reserve the date.  Three hours of CLE is being requested. Details will follow.

3.  Guardianship Adult Jurisdiction Affidavit - All Applications for Appointment of Guardian for Incompentent must be accompanied by a completed Adult Jurisdiction Affidavit (DCPC Form 66.12).  The form is available in this website at the "Guardianship-Adult" tab in the Pre-Hearing forms list.