·Court Visitors serve as the court’s eyes and ears, by visiting persons under Guardianship to see whether they are receiving appropriate care, to ensure that Guardian is current with all reports to the Court, and to assist the Guardian and/or Ward with linkage to community resources.  It is a guardianship monitoring program.

·The Court Visitor visits the Ward’s residence (home, nursing home, and/or Guardian’s home), observes living conditions and talks with the Ward about his or her needs.  The Court Visitor will also speak to the Guardian and other caregivers such as developmental disability and/or mental health team member or case manager.

·The Court Visitor uses a standard reporting form to record observations and make any recommendations for court action.


·To ensure that every person under Guardianship receives suitable protection, care and maintenance.

·To ensure that all of the Ward’s needs are being meet.

·To ensure that the Ward’s preferences and wishes are considered when making decisions.

·To ensure that Ward is in an appropriate placement.


·Initial training covers the Guardianship process, Wards’ rights,  communicating with Wards, what to look for on visits, and identifying community resources.

·Follow-up training & quarterly meetings are also provided for the Court Visitors.

·Court staff will be available to assist Court Visitors in any step of the process. 

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