The probate court accepts payments made in person, via mail and online. 

In Person
Payments can be made in the clerks office of the Delaware County Probate Court during normal court hours via cash, check, money order or credit card (via public terminal).

Via Mail or Commercial Carrier
Payments may be mailed to the Delaware County Probate Court at the following address (for commercial carrier exclude the PO Box):

Delaware County Probate Court 
140 N. Sandusky Street, 3rd floor, PO Box 8006 Delaware, Ohio 43015

•    To ensure that the payment is applied correctly, please include the case number and the fees that the funds are to be applied to on the memo line of the check. 
•    For your protection, DO NOT send cash through the mail.

Payments can be made online via the eServices portal. ePayments are processed by PayPal; transactions are subject to a convenience fee in the amount of 4.5%. The fees are pursuant to Section 301.28 of the Ohio Revised Code. Without exception, the aforementioned fees are non-refundable.

The eServices portal and ePay is an online option available from a designated computer in the clerks office. This system allows for payments via debit or credit card. All transactions are subject to a convenience fee in the amount of $4.5%. The fees are pursuant to Section 301.28 of the Ohio Revised Code. Without exception, the aforementioned fees are non-refundable. 


(RC 2113.64 - 2113.68)

There are individuals, whose addresses or identities are unknown, who are the beneficiaries of estate or otherwise owners of funds handled in our Court. The case fiduciary deposited their respective distributive shares with the Treasurer of Delaware County, Ohio. The County Treasurer is now holding those funds as part of the County’s General Fund.  The County Auditor maintains a list identifying the beneficiaries.  The unknown heir/owner entitled to the funds, or that individual’s heirs if the individual is deceased, may apply to the Delaware County Probate Court for an order directing Delaware County to pay the unclaimed inheritance/account.

An Applicant for a specific fund will be required to provide government issued photo identification and such other supporting evidence of entitlement as the Court determines necessary. The Application for Unclaimed Inheritance form at the right must be completed and filed with the Court to initiate the claim proceedings. The cost deposit is $30.00 for funds of $100.00 or more. For claims to amounts less than $100.00, the Court waives the deposit. 

The County does not pay interest on the unclaimed funds.

This is a current list of cases in which the County Treasurer is holding funds for estate beneficiaries or the estates of missing wards:

1.  Est. of Anna Wagner, Case #00007320-PES - heir Raymond Jackson - Amount $440.56

2.  Est. of Francis McMillien, unknown heirs - Amount $1,093.46

3.  Est. of Grover C. Sperling, unknown heirs - Amount $1,506.30

4.  Est. of Dorothy Erick, unknown heirs - Amount $67.76

5.  Est of Lloyd Crafton, Case #5-88-225-R - unknown heirs - Amount $405.63

6.  Est. of Edward K. Snedeker, Case #79-383 - heir Jerry Lewis ($688.68); heir Elizabeth Ann Lewis ($688.68)

7.  Est. of Margaret Ryan, Case #00091243-PES - heir Catherine Duffy - Amount $1,184.24

8.  Est. of Lilah McCarty, Case #2-95-65-E - heir Relna L. Main ($9.65); heir Cheryl Page ($9.65)

9.  Est. of Mary F. Price, Case #26023 - heir Tom Thompson ($1,142.44); heir Thomas Price Brundige ($1,142.44)

10.  Est. of Bessie M. Pettit, Case #970568-E - heir Darel Pettit - Amount $500.00

11.  Est. of John Unland, Case #98-08-07375-E - unknown heirs - Amount $481.77

12.  Est. of Joan Wescott, Case #207642-E - heir Brenda Wescott - Amount $75.79

13.  Est. of Sherry Lou Cain, Case #208258-E - unknown heirs - Amount $5,894.73

14.  Est. of Allen E. Wilson, Case #210559-R - heir Angela Wilson - Amount $4,991.17

15.  Est. of Lawrence F. Cain, Case # 1304-0393-PES - heir Jacob Cain - Amount $69.70

16.  Est. of Ersell H. Mount, Case #1305-0658-PES - unknown heirs - Amount $2,000.00

17. Gdnshp and Trust for Raymond Guiducci, Case #00209704-G and Case # 1503-0244-PTR - Ward/beneficiary's address unknown - Amount $20,828.62




News Items 

The 2016 Delaware County Probate/Juvenile Court Annual Report is Now Available. "Click Here" to view.

12018 Local Rules Adopted - The Court has adopted revised Local Rules effective January 3, 2018.  The changes are nominal and focus upon the maximum number and type of cases that any one guardian may handle by appointment through the Court.  The local rules are viewable on this website at the "Local Rules/Local Forms" tab. 

2.  Guardianship Adult Jurisdiction Affidavit - All Applications for Appointment of Guardian for Incompentent must be accompanied by a completed Adult Jurisdiction Affidavit (DCPC Form 66.12).  The form is available in this website at the "Guardianship-Adult" tab in the Pre-Hearing forms list.

3.  Inventories with Real Estate Legal Descriptions Missing will be Rejected - Inventories continaing real estate that do not also include the legal description for the property will be rejected as non-conforming filings.  Filers of inventories (estates, trusts and guardianships) with real estate are reminded that Loc.R. 78.1(B) requires that an inventory that includes real estate also contain the legal description, address, and tax parcel identificaton number (PIN) for the real estate. Please take note and remind your office staff. 

4.  First Commonwealth Bank (fka Delaware County Bank & Trust Co.) Verifications - Requests for completion of the annual verifications of the funds on deposit in Court Ordered restricted access accounts of the former Delaware County Bank & Trust Co. may be requested from "First Commonwealth Bank, (Legal Dept.), PO Box 400, Indiana, PA 15701.  Requestors should forward the appropriate verification form with the request.

5.  Amended Local Rules - Guardianship Consent Sales -  Effective May 12, 2017, the Court has adopted revised Local Rule 65.3 (Consents to Power to Sell Real Estate) to provide guidance for guardians who are able to use the new statutory precedure under RC 2127.012 for selling real estate without a land sale action when consents can be obtained from the necessary parties having an interest in the parcel.  Additonally, the Court has adopted new Local Forms 65.3A (Consent to Power to Sell Real Estate - Guardianships) and 65.3B (Representations with Respect to Guardianship Real Estate Sale by Consent) to assist counsel and guardians with the use of the new guardianship consent sale procedure.

6.  STABLE Accounts - A Guardian may find that they have a ward who qualifies for the establishment of an Ohio ABLE account (referred to by the administering Treasurer of Ohio as a STABLE account).  These accounts are authorized by federal law and corresponding Ohio implementing legislation (RC 113.50, et seq.) for individuals with disabilities arising prior to age 26 and who meet other requirements.  The assets/income in the account are not countable resources for purposes of several governmental benefit programs.  A guardian can establish a STABLE account for the ward, using assets and/or income of the ward, with prior court approval.   A local probate form has been created for use in applying to the Court for such authority.  It is included under both the Adult and the Minor Guardianship tabs on this website as a post-hearing form and also on the Local Forms tab.  The Treasurer's website for STABLE accounts is



These fees are considered initial deposits.  Actual costs are accrued throughout proceedings and additional deposits may be required.  Cash, Checks and most Credit Cards (subject to a convenience fee) are acceptable forms of payment.  ATM -  For the convenience of the public, there is an ATM operated by First Commonwealth Bank located in the ground floor vending room of the Hayes Building. 


Adult $126.50                        
Includes $21.50 for birth certificate, if applicable

Full/Pre-placement* $1,493.00    
Includes $21.50 for birth certificate, if applicable

Step-Parent* $516.00
Includes $21.50 for birth certificate, if applicable

* For the above cases, if more than one (1) child is involved, an additional $175.00 per child will be charged.

Refinalization** $400.00
Includes $21.50 for birth certificate, if applicable

**For the above case, if more than one (1) child is involved, an additional $75.00 per child will be charged.

Public Agency $195.00
(DCJFS Only) Includes $21.50 for birth certificate for one child, additional children $21.50 each

Private Agency $400.00
(JFS outside of Delaware County and other private agencies) Includes $21.50 for birth certificate for one child, additional children $21.50 each


Correction of (all types) $87.00

Registration of $87.00



Plus proof of Notice ($1.00 per page)

ESTATES/Wrongful Death Cases $200.00

(With Will or without Will)

Special Administrator $90.00


Adult Person and/or Estate $225.00

Minor Person, or Person and Estate $225.00

Minor Estate Only (No Investigation) $125.00

Dispensing with Guardianship $70.00

Emergency $83.00

Power of Attorney -Nominating Guardian of Minor Child (Deposit for Safekeeping) $15.00

Nomination of Guardian for Incompetent (Deposit for Safekeeping) $15.00


Plus possible sheriff fees


NAME CHANGE $104.00    
Plus advertising to be paid directly to the Delaware Gazette



Application for Summary Release $88.00

Release with Will filed for Record Only $93.00

Release with Probate of Will $108.00

Application to Release Estate from Administration $88.00
There may be additional charges for Auto Title Transfers or Certificates of Transfer

Short Form Release from Administration $35.00


This deposit covers one (1) parcel only $68.00



      Tax filing only $58.00

TRUSTS/Special Needs Trusts $120.00


Will for Record Only (New Case) $58.00

Will for Record Only with Taxes $63.00    

File Will for Safekeeping $35.00   


Account Filing $17.00
Affidavits/Certificates $5.00
Applications $5.00

Application for Certificate of Transfer $5.00
Certificate of Termination $10.00
Certificate of Transfer - each $5.00
Creditor’s Claims $10.00
Copies (per page) $0.05
Certified Copies (per page) $1.05
Certified Copy of Marriage Record $2.00
Copy of the Local Rules $5.00

Custodian (Successor) UTMA, Application $58.00
Declaratory Judgment Petition filed in open estate case $20.00
Designation of Heir, Application $20.00
Election of Surviving Spouse $5.00
Insolvency $20.00
Inventory Estate $17.00
Affidavits/Certificate $5.00
Guardianship $17.00
Affidavits/Certificate $5.00
Exceptions $10.00

Motions $5.00
Proof of Service $1.00
Filing of Claim $10.00
Release of Claim $5.00
Re-Appointment of Executor/Administrator $10.00
Reports $5.00

Safe Deposit Box Entry $25.00
Tax Forms $5.00
 Verifications - Custodial (Initial or Annual) $5.00
Waivers/Consents per sheet of paper $1.00