Signing up for the program

Program participants may be referred from Buckeye Valley, Olentangy Local Schools, Delaware Area Career Center, Delaware City Schools (Hayes High School, Dempsey Middle School) and Delaware County Alternative Schools immediately upon assignment of out-of-school suspension.  Additionally, youth may be referred by the Juvenile Court at disposition or violation of probation hearings.  The program coordinator will review each referral for appropriateness according to established admission criteria.  Any youth who does not meet the guidelines will not be accepted for the program.  The referring school will provide a referral information packet.  The referring school is responsible to schedule the youth for SAP and to notify both the student and parent/guardian(s).    

Youth can be referred to the program by contacting the Delaware County Juvenile Court by phone at 740-833-2630 between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm. S.A.P. follows the Delaware City Schools schedule and will be closed when Delaware City Schools are closed.  **A referral packet must be completed and turned into the Suspension Alternative program supervisor in order for a youth to participate. This packet will contain the release of liability, permission for treatment and the rules; additional forms for free or reduced lunch will be turned if the youth is eligible for assistance. Without said forms the youth will not be permitted to participate.


The referring school will be responsible to bus the youth to the pick-up point, which is the Delaware Area Career Center North Campus.  The student’s failure to report will result in further consequences from the school and may result in a court referral.  Youth will be returned to the Delaware Area Career Center School by 2:20 pm to return to their home school by bus.  Students who are not eligible to ride the bus may be picked up at the Delaware County Juvenile Court (140 N. Sandusky Street, Delaware, Ohio 43015.) by 2pm.  Students who usually drive to school will also need to take the DACC bus to and from their home school.  They may leave their cars at the home school and pick them up on the way home.

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