The Delaware County Juvenile Court M.O.M.S. Mentoring program works to teach young moms to care for their children by matching young moms with experienced moms, connecting young moms to community agencies, and helping to develop the life and coping skills necessary to be successful while creating a supportive community.


M.O.M.S. - Program Information
Program Goals
The MOMS program strives for the following goals in helping every new young mother:

  • Reduce the amount of repeat teen pregnancies
  • Reduce the amount of hospital visits for their infants
  • Teach about the benefits of breast feeding.
  • Reduce the general stress levels of the mothers (and subsequently reduce child abuse and abusive behaviors).
  • Decrease smoking and drug use.

About Mentoring and Teenage Pregnancy
According to the Resource Center for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention, research reveals the positive effects of mentoring teen mothers:

  • Two studies support the role of informal mentors as positive influences on educational aspirations and alcohol use of pregnant and parenting teens (Rhodes, Gingiss, & Smith, 1994; Law, & Rhodes, 1995).
  • Another study demonstrated that compared to a non-mentored comparison group, the mentored group who received mentoring for at least one year demonstrated increased knowledge of infant health, fewer infant hospital visits, reductions in child abuse potential, greater commitment to breast-feeding, reduced feelings of distress and loneliness and a zero percent repeat pregnancy rate (Blinn-Pike & Mingus, 1997; Blinn-Pike, Kuschel, McDaniel, Mingus, & Mutti, 1998).


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