Truancy Mediation is a program designed to be a collaborative effort involving the Delaware County Juvenile Court, Delaware county schools, Delaware City schools, students, and their parents to address the student’s truancy issues and collaboratively develop a plan of action:


  • Improve school attendance and decrease absenteeism.
  • Return habitually truant students to a regular schedule of school attendance.
  • Increase students’ academic performance by improving attendance.   
  • Teach skills that will improve family communication. 
  • Provide skills that will enable students to be successful in school and in life.


Students and parents participating in the Truancy Mediation will benefit in the following ways:

  • Avoid a referral to the court system for both parent and child at this time.
  • Learn the law regarding truancy and how it affects parent and student.
  • Learn communication, listening and negotiation skills.
  • Improve communication between parents and children.
  • Gain insight from student regarding the factors that contribute to truancy and strategies to help improve school attendance.



  1. Cases are referred by the county or city school liaison.
  2. Mediator contacts appropriate school personnel and school liaison to schedule truancy mediation. Mediations are usually held at the school requesting the mediation; however, they may be held at the Juvenile court. 
  3. The student and the student’s family are sent a letter containing notice of the mediation.
  4. Upon arriving at the mediation session, parties will sign an Agreement to Mediation/Confidentiality Form.   
  5. If parties agree upon a plan, a Mediation Agreement is written by the mediator and is signed by the parties. Copies of the Mediation Agreement are given to parties; mediator does not keep a copy. 
  6. The mediator submits a Mediation Outcome Report to the referring school liaison
  7. If an agreement is not reached, the referring school and liaison will determine how the case will be handled.

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