The goal in Dependency Mediation is to offer parties the opportunity to explore safe and appropriate parameters of parent/child contact where the child has been removed from the home of one or both parents.

  1. Referrals in Dependency cases are made directly by the Court on a case by case basis.  
  2. The mediator schedules mediation at a time convenient to all parties, with priority given to the Guardian ad Litem’s and custodian’s schedule. All parties and all counsel and agencies involved in the case receive a Notice of Mediation.
  3. At the mediation, the mediation process is explained and all parties and other attendees sign an Agreement to Mediate.
  4. If the parties are able to reach an agreement, partial or full, the mediator prepares a Mediation Agreement and sends copies to the parties and agencies for review. Counsel, if any, also receive a copy of the Agreement.
  5. Following the mediation, the mediator prepares an Outcome Report, including whether the parties have paid court ordered mediation costs, and files it with the clerks.  The mediator also files a sealed copy of the Mediation Agreement, if any, at the same time.


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