Marriage License

How To Apply For and Obtain a Marriage License

Our Probate Court issues Marriage Licenses to Delaware County, Ohio residents who wish to marry in the State of Ohio, and those out of state residents wishing to marry in Delaware County, Ohio.

The following are requirements for EVERY applicant who wants to obtain a Marriage License from our Court:

  • If the applicants reside in the State of Ohio, ONE of the applicants MUST be a resident of Delaware County. The license can be used anywhere in the State of Ohio.
    • If NEITHER of the applicants are residents of the State of Ohio, then they MAY APPLY for a license in the Delaware County Probate Court, but the license MUST be used in Delaware County.  A letter is required from the individual performing the ceremony (on the Officiant's letterhead) to confirm the ceremony is going to take place in Delaware County.  This letter MUST BE presented to the Court at the time you apply for your marriage license. Please contact the Probate Court with questions regarding this process (740) 833-2680.
  • Each applicant must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.
    • If either of the applicants are under the age of eighteen (18) please contact the Court at (740) 833-2680 to obtain information on the additional requirements to obtain a Marriage License.
  • Both applicants MUST COME TOGETHER to apply, unless one or both of the applicants are incapacitated.
  • The cost is Forty-one ($41.00) dollars, which includes one certified copy of your Marriage Abstract.  Payment may be made only with cash or check.
  •    A current driver’s license (or other valid state ID).
  • Proof of Social Security Number must be shown to the Deputy Clerk at the time of application.
  • If your present address is NOT the address on your driver’s license, please provide the Court with a piece of current mail showing your present address (both applicants must show proof of their current address).
  • If either of you have been previously married, a CERTIFIED copy of your most recent Divorce/Dissolution decree must be presented to the Court. If you are widowed, a CERTIFIED copy of the Death Certificate must be presented to the Court.
  • If the person performing the ceremony is an ordained or licensed individual with a religious affiliation, they MUST be registered with the State of Ohio, through the Secretary of State’s Office prior to performing your ceremony. Contact 1-877-767-6446 or 614-728-9200.
  • The marriage license is valid when issued and there is no required waiting period between its issuance and the marriage ceremony.

Additional Information:

  • No blood tests or witnesses are required in Ohio.
  • Probate Court hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please arrive no later than 4:00 p.m. to ensure adequate time to prepare your application and answer your questions. There are currently no evening or weekend hours.
  • The Probate Court is located on the 3rd floor of the Hayes Building, 140 N. Sandusky St., Delaware, OH  43015.
  • Applications can be prepared by you prior to your arrival at the Probate Court. To obtain the worksheet for a marriage license application, print the form Marriage Information Sheet to the right.
  • Please listen to the marriage recording at (740) 833-2685 for additional information.
  • Couples marrying outside the United States and requiring evidence that they were never issued a marriage license from Delaware County, Ohio, may contact our office at (740) 833-2680.

Please Note:

Our Court administers oaths, provides certifications and/or seals only for applications for marriage licenses issued by our Court.   Our Court does not process, assist with, or participate in the issuance of marriage license applications for other jurisdictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a copy of my Marriage License?

  • If you were married prior to 1996, contact the Delaware County Records Center at (740) 833-2140 to obtain further instructions.  The Records Center address is 2079 US 23 North, Delaware, OH  43015.
  • If you were married in 1996 or after, you can either come into the Probate Court offices or you can mail a request.
    • If you mail in a request, please include:
      • A letter with the name of the groom, the maiden name of the bride, and the date of marriage;
      • A self-addressed stamped envelope; and
      • $2.00 per copy requested (cash or check).
    • If you come to the office, you will need to have $2.00 (cash or check) per copy requested.  You will also need the name of the groom, the maiden name of the bride, and the date of marriage.
  • If you have any further questions, call 740-833-2680.

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