Mission Statement

Our purpose is to enhance public safety and reduce recidivism by holding those charged with or convicted of crimes in compliance with court ordered conditions using effective supervision and evidence based practices.

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Questions: Where do I pay my fines?
Answer: Fines are included in Court Cost payments, and are paid at the Delaware County Clerk of Court’s Office located at 110 N. Sandusky Street, Delaware, OH 43015

Question: How much are probation fees?
Answer: Supervision fees are $30.00 per month. A transfer fee to another county is $50.00. There are additional fees that may be assessed for house arrest, or follow up drug screens.

Question: Where do I pay my fees?
Answer: Probation fees are paid to Adult Court Services, 110 N. Sandusky Street, Delaware, Ohio 43015.

Question: Where do I pay my costs, fines, and restitution?
Answer: Costs, fines, and restitution are paid to the Delaware County Clerk of Court, 110 N. Sandusky Street, Delaware, Ohio 43015. Please make sure you note your case number on your payment.

Question: How can I travel out of state? Can I leave the state?
Answer: You must get permission from your probation officer, and obtain a signed travel permit in order to leave the State.

Question: What is T4C?
Answer: Thinking for a Change (T4C) is based on the concept of "thinking affects behavior", and focuses on three key areas: Cognitive Self-Change, Social Skills, and Problem Solving.

Question: When is my appointment?
Answer: You will be given an appointment when you meet with your probation officer. If you forget your appointment time you must contact the ACS office in person to receive another appointment date unless you have already spoken with your probation officer.

Question: Who is my Probation Officer?
Answer: You may contact the Adult Court Services Office at 740-833-2570 for information.

Question: What is the difference between APA and Adult Court Services?
Answer: The Ohio Adult Parole Authority (APA) is a State government agency. They supervise offenders who have been released from prison on a post-release control sanction. They also supervise community control cases on occasion as ordered by the Common Pleas Court. Adult Court Services is under local government, controlled at the direction of the Common Pleas Court and supervises cases at all levels prior to a prison sanction. The only exception is if a client is Judicially Released from prison early they may be under the direction of Adult Court Services.

Question: What is the difference between Municipal Court and Common Pleas Court Probation?
Answer: Municipal Probation supervises primarily misdemeanor offenses sentenced through Municipal Court. Felony cases are sentenced through Common Pleas Court.

Question: What is Community Control?
Answer: 2929.15(A)(1) Community Control Sanctions – Felony. If in sentencing an offender for a felony the court is not required to impose a prison term, a mandatory prison term, or a term of life imprisonment upon the offender, the court may directly impose a sentence that consists of one or more community control sanctions authorized pursuant to Section 2929.16, 2929.17, or 2929.18 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Question: How long will a client be in jail?
Answer: This depends on if the client will be held for a violation hearing. Contact the Probation Officer for more information.

Question: Can I take medications?
Answer: You must speak with your supervision officer prior to taking any prescribed medications, or to continue taking prescribed medications. You may be required to sign a release, and provide a letter from your doctor.

Question: What do I do if I know someone that has a warrant?
Answer: Please contact your local law enforcement agency or Adult Court Services, and do not attempt to apprehend a wanted person yourself. You may make anonymous tips via any form of communication to Adult Court Services.

Question: Can I be done with my community control early?
Answer: It is possible to be released after a period of time if all court obligations have been met.

Question: Why do I have to pay my public defender?
Answer: The services of a Public Defender are not free of charge. There are court costs associated with the use of a Public Defender.

Question: How long will it take to get to Court?
Answer: The time it takes to get a Court hearing is dependent upon the stage of your case, the availability of the Court, and the availability of your attorney.

Question: Jail info?
Answer: For any jail inquiries, please contact the Delaware County Jail at 740-833-2840. They are located at 844 U.S. Route 42 N., Delaware, Ohio 43015.

Question: In some instances, why do officers not file a probation violation?
Answer: There are multiple reasons a violation may or may not be filed. Due to confidentiality, a Probation Officer is prohibited from discussing details of a case. Cases are often individually staffed with a supervisor to determine appropriate sanctions.