1. You are to abide by all Federal, State, and Local laws; and you are to personally contact your Probation Officer as soon as possible if you are arrested, cited, or questioned by a law enforcement officer.

  2. You are not to leave the Sate of Ohio without the written permission of the Delaware County Adult Probation Department.

  3. You are to reside at your current address, and you are not to change residence without the prior written approval of your Probation Officer.

  4. You are to report to the Delaware County Adult Probation Department office as instructed by any Adult Probation personnel, and while you are on probation you are to conduct yourself appropriately at all times and answer truthfully all questions by Adult Probation personnel.

  5. You are to pay your court costs, fine and/or restitution as directed by your Probation Officer.

  6. You are not to own, carry, purchase, possess, use or have ready at your hand any weapon, firearm or firearm ammunition.

  7. You are not to posses, sell, distribute, use, or have in your residence or automobile any controlled substance, as defined in Section 3719.01 of the Ohio Revised Code, or instruments for administering them (except by the prescription of a licensed physician). You will submit to urinalysis and/or Breathalyzer testing at the request of the Probation Officer to determine if you have violated this or any other term of your probation.

  8. You are to follow your Probation Officer’s instructions at all times, which may include enrolling in and attending various programs or completing Community Service hours.

  9. You will submit to a search of your person or property, conducted in a reasonable manner, at a reasonable time, by a Probation Officer, when the Probation Officer has reasonable grounds to believe that a violation of probation has occurred or is about to occur.

(May include some or all of the following)

  1. You are not to consume, have in your possession or in your residence or automobile any type of alcoholic beverage.

  2. You are not to enter into any establishment where serving alcohol is the primary business.

  3. You are to attend _______________________ for an evaluation and/or counseling, and you are to follow all of their recommendations until successfully released by them in writing.

  4. You are to attend the number of AA meetings recommended by your counselor and provide written verification to your Probation Officer.

  5. You are to obtain your high school diploma or the equivalent (GED).

  6. You are to be located at your residence by 10:00 p.m., unless otherwise approved by your probation officer. This may be extended OR reinstated by your Probation Officer during your probation period.

  7. You are to find and maintain stable employment. You are not to change jobs without the permission of your probation officer.

  8. You are to have all associations approved by your Probation Officer. You are not to associate with individuals on probation or parole.

  9. You are to enter into _____________________________ and complete that program successfully, which includes any aftercare plan.

  10. You are to perform ______hours of community service as directed by the Adult Probation Department.

  11. You are to repay, to the County, the cost of court-appointed attorney fees.

  12. You are to serve _____ days on Electronically Monitored House Arrest (EMHA) and abide by the rules of that program.