News Items 

The 2016 Delaware County Probate/Juvenile Court Annual Report is Now Available. "Click Here" to view.

1.  Appointment of a Successor Custodian under OH UTMA - The Court has created a specific link and webpage to assist with the procedure for obtaining the Court's designation of a successor Custodian for assets being held by a resigning, deceased, or incompetent Custodian under the Ohio Uniform Transfer to Minor's Act.  The process is applicable only as a default to the other means for designation successors.  Local Forms are provided on the webpage in PDF format.

25th Probate Bench/Bar Practical Probate Seminar - Scheduled for Wednesday, August 22, 2018 between 8:30 a.m. to Noon, Willis Building, Delaware, OH.  Reserve the date.  Three hours CLE is being requested. Details will follow.

3.  Name Change - Minors - Increase in Cost Deposit - The cost deposit for filing an Application for Change of Name of a Minor has increased from $104.00 to $110.00.

42018 Local Rules Adopted - The Court's revised Local Rules became effective January 3, 2018.  The changes are nominal and focus upon the maximum number and type of cases that any one guardian may handle by appointment through the Court.  The local rules are viewable on this website at the "Local Rules/Local Forms" tab. 

5.  Guardianship Adult Jurisdiction Affidavit - All Applications for Appointment of Guardian for Incompentent must be accompanied by a completed Adult Jurisdiction Affidavit (DCPC Form 66.12).  The form is available in this website at the "Guardianship-Adult" tab in the Pre-Hearing forms list.

6.  Inventories with Real Estate Legal Descriptions Missing will be Rejected - Inventories continaing real estate that do not also include the legal description for the property will be rejected as non-conforming filings.  Filers of inventories (estates, trusts and guardianships) with real estate are reminded that Loc.R. 78.1(B) requires that an inventory that includes real estate also contain the legal description, address, and tax parcel identificaton number (PIN) for the real estate. Please take note and remind your office staff. 

7.  First Commonwealth Bank (fka Delaware County Bank & Trust Co.) Verifications - Requests for completion of the annual verifications of the funds on deposit in Court Ordered restricted access accounts of the former Delaware County Bank & Trust Co. may be requested from "First Commonwealth Bank, (Legal Dept.), PO Box 400, Indiana, PA 15701.  Requestors should forward the appropriate verification form with the request.

8.  Guardianship Consent Sales -  The Court adopted revised Local Rule 65.3 (Consents to Power to Sell Real Estate) to provide guidance for guardians who are able to use the statutory precedure under RC 2127.012 for selling real estate without a land sale action when consents can be obtained from the necessary parties having an interest in the parcel.  Additonally, the Court has adopted new Local Forms 65.3A (Consent to Power to Sell Real Estate - Guardianships) and 65.3B (Representations with Respect to Guardianship Real Estate Sale by Consent) to assist counsel and guardians with the use of the new guardianship consent sale procedure.

9.  STABLE Accounts - A Guardian may find that they have a ward who qualifies for the establishment of an Ohio ABLE account (referred to by the administering Treasurer of Ohio as a STABLE account).  These accounts are authorized by federal law and corresponding Ohio implementing legislation (RC 113.50, et seq.) for individuals with disabilities arising prior to age 26 and who meet other requirements.  The assets/income in the account are not countable resources for purposes of several governmental benefit programs.  A guardian can establish a STABLE account for the ward, using assets and/or income of the ward, with prior court approval.   A local probate form has been created for use in applying to the Court for such authority.  It is included under both the Adult and the Minor Guardianship tabs on this website as a post-hearing form and also on the Local Forms tab.  The Treasurer's website for STABLE accounts is