T.E.A.M. - Frequently Asked Questions


How old do you have to be to become a mentor? {showhide}At least 18{/showhide}

What is the length of time you serve as a mentor?{showhide}1 academic year{/showhide}

Which days/hours can you mentor?{showhide}Afternoons, evenings, weekends{/showhide}

Do I mentor over breaks?{showhide}No{/showhide}

Where can I take my mentee?{showhide}To the park, out to eat, to movies, sports activities and events, college or local tours{/showhide}


What will my mentor be like?{showhide}A good listener, trusted friend, a guide{/showhide}

What will I do with my mentor?{showhide}Recreational activities{/showhide}

How often will I see my mentor?{showhide}At least 2 hours every week and one monthly group meeting{/showhide}

How old will my mentor be?{showhide}18 or over{/showhide}

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