M.O.M.S. - Frequently Asked Questions


What is the length of time you serve as a mentor?{showhide}1 year or longer{/showhide}

Which days/hours can you mentor?{showhide}At your convenience{/showhide}

Where can I take my mentee?{showhide}Varies, depending on how much support your mentee needs{/showhide}

What are some common activities I can do with my mentee?{showhide}Fix a meal, go out for coffee, go to the park, go thrift store shopping, take baby to the library and baby well checks and appointments{/showhide}

What skills will I teach my mentee?{showhide}How to cook a healthy meal, fiscal responsibility, the importance of baby well checks, how to schedule appointments and talk to different agencies to acquire the support needed, feeding and bathing the baby{/showhide}


What will my mentor be like?{showhide}A guide, trusted friend, good listener, a supporter{/showhide}

What will I do with my mentor?{showhide}Spend time with mentor, learn new skills, learn about helpful agencies within the county{/showhide}

How often will I see my mentor?{showhide}Have a visit or phone conversation at least once a week and attend monthly group meetings{/showhide}

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