M.O.M.S. - Become a Mentee

Mentees receive a wealth of benefits by enrolling in our program. You will receive weekly contact with your mentor while in the program. If you are pregnant you will receive support from our program until your child's first birthday. If you have a young child, you will receive support for one year after enrolling in our program. Your mentor will contact you via phone, at your home or you may do a community activity together.

There will be monthly meetings to gather with other young moms to make new friends and gain more support. You will connect with community resources such as daycares, fiscal resources and thrift stores. You will also learn fiscal management, meal planning and mother and infant bonding techniques.

Your mentor will be a trusted teacher, friend and role model and provide you with lots of support.

Fill out the form on our Contact Us page to get started in the program.

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